The Typhon Press is a specialty publishing house. We publish annotated, curated and scholarly editions of occult works of enduring historical value, as well as original research and criticism touching all aspects of arcana: Spiritualism, the occult, Freemasonry, secret societies, alternative religious traditions, parasciences and hermetica.

Our projects are a mix of annotated, curated editions of important historical texts, anthologies of difficult-to-obtain primary material, and original scholarship touching on Spiritualism and the occult.

All texts published by the Typhon Press are publicly peer-reviewed by subject matter experts prior to acceptance and publication.

Our authors’ works are available in print and various electronic forms, through all major distribution channels, and may also be purchased directly from the Typhon Press, on application.

The Typhon Press welcomes inquiries from the trade, as well as from prospective editors and authors. We offer excellent financial terms to authors, who always retain their copyright, and their freedom to publish their works in formats and through channels not provided by us. Generous bulk discounts are available to educational institutions, not-for-profits and other organizations.

Readers who are having difficulty finding Typhon Press titles in their local bookstores, on Amazon, or on the various e-book stores, should consult our catalog. All Typhon Press books can be purchased directly from the press.