The Typhon Press offers its authors a streamlined way to bring their work to market in an age where digital channels are eclipsing conventional book distribution channels. By producing its work simultaneously in printed form, through, as well as in e-book form through the major e-book distribution channels -- Kindle, iBooks and Nook -- and offering its entire catalog  directly at the Press, the Typhon Press relieves its authors of the technological complexities of modern publishing, allowing them to focus on their material.

The Typhon Press always offers its authors 70% of the gross proceeds from the sales of their material, and provides detailed distribution reports to its authors, so that authors can track their sales, month by month.

Authors who release their work through the Typhon Press always retain copyright to their material, and are free to distribute their work through any channel the Typhon Press does not support directly.

If you think you have a project that would interest our editorial board, feel free to send us your pitch, in whatever form you like. We’re always happy to hear from scholars and researchers working in Spiritualism and the occult. You may want to consult our current list of projects before doing so.