The Typhon Press publishes material of interest to scholars, aficionados and students of Spiritualism, the occult, and allied areas of arcana.

Historically, the relatively small distribution potential of works in this area has meant that larger publishing houses decline to represent the authors of this type of work, and consequently many important texts fail to find a publisher, and their readership.

By remaining small, and focused, the Typhon Press can both bring works on Spiritualism and the occult to their readership, and compensate Typhon Press authors generously for their efforts.

All the Press’ proceeds go to support Press operations, as well as projects associated with the Press, including the International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals (IAPSOP).

If you have an idea for a project the Press should undertake, or if you are having difficulty obtaining a copy of a Typhon Press book via Amazon, or our e-book distribution channels (Kindle, iBooks and Nook), please contact us to arrange to purchase directly from the Press.

The Press also welcomes inquiries from organizations interested in purchasing titles from the Press directly, at organizational discounts.